Shuaige Services

Shuaige offers a variety of web services all for insanely low prices. How do we do it? Mostly through frozen burritos and supermarket club cards.

Special package deals are available as well for larger projects, so please feel free to contact us for a more specific price.

Plan >> Maintenance Full Site w/ Database Full Site Development Only Design Only Registration Only
Registration $20/hr Reg. Cost Only Reg. Cost Only Reg. Cost Only N/A $15 + Reg. Cost
Template Design $20/hr $50 $75 N/A $150 N/A
Original Design $20/hr $250+ $300+ N/A $500+ N/A
Site Construction $20/hr $150+ $150+ $200+ N/A N/A
Database/Back-End $20/hr $250+ N/A N/A N/A N/A
Search Engine Submission $20/hr Included Included Included $25 $25
Training $20/hr Included Included Included $20/hr $20/hr
Maintenance $20/hr Free for 60 days Free for 30 days Free for 30 days $20/hr $20/hr
Totals $20/hr $450+ $200+ $200+ $175+ $15+