What does Shuaige do?

Shuaige offers web design, development and registration services. Shuaige is here for to get your organization or name out of the Internet in a aesthetically-pleasing and accessible way.

Shuaige is the company of Colin Gremillion, a web developer based in Tucson, Arizona. Colin has worked in the web development field for over six years for companies like Hewlett-Packard, the University of Arizona and Safari Club International.
Click here for Colin's resume.

Shuaige will design web sites, build web sites and get them on the Internet, design databases and connect them to your web site, or simply get you started through registration and search engine submission. Click here for more information on pricing.

What does Shuaige mean?

"Shuai Ge" is Mandarin Chinese for something like "beefcake." No, no one at Shuaige is really a beefcake, but it's a funny little word.